“Exile Shall Not Silence Us” - A podcast series on African human rights defenders in exile

AfricanDefenders launched on World Refugee Day 2020, a podcast series entitled “Exile Shall Not Silence Us.” Based on the collected testimonies of over 120 exiled human rights defenders (HRDs), in-depth case studies and featuring interviews with four exiled HRDs, the podcast series highlights the professional, security, socio-economic, and psychosocial challenges of HRDs in exile in Africa, but most of all their achievements and resilience strategies.  

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Hassan Shire, (AfricanDefenders Chairperson and the Executive Director of DefendDefenders), alongside H.E. Commissioner Solomon Ayele Dersso  (Chairperson, African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights) gave a statement at the 2020 Forum on the Participation of NGOs/Civil Society Organizations in the Work of the 66th Ordinary...