The Ubuntu Hub Cities initiative is a city-based relocation initiative for human rights defenders (HRDs) at risk across Africa. The initiative enables HRDs who have been subject to threats, violence and extreme pressure as a consequence of their human rights work to temporarily relocate. Relocation allows them to be safe and to take a break from their highly stressful and dangerous environment.

Our main aim is to ensure the physical and mental well-being of HRDs during their relocation period, while enabling them to continue their work. Through our diverse local partnerships, relocation also provides an opportunity for HRDs at risk to learn and share experiences, so that they can have a positive impact on the host community and return home with enhanced capacities to protect and promote human rights.

The Ubuntu Hub Cities initiative takes inspiration from other city-based relocation initiatives across the world to allow African HRDs to find temporary refuge within their own continent, where they can come into contact with other HRDs sharing similar experiences and working environments.






Online Hub Cities: Africa HRD Fund

The Africa HRD Fund (human rights defender) is a partnership between AfricanDefenders and Meta. It is a microgrant program tailored to offer support to HRDs impacted by their online activism. This initiative is aligned with AfricanDefenders’ existing effort, the Ubuntu Hub Cities initiative, which focuses on city-based relocation for HRDs at risk across Africa. The program offers support to HRDs confronting risk because of their human rights work in Africa. The fund enables HRDs who face imminent threat and have been subject to targeting, violence and extreme pressure as a consequence of their human rights work online to apply for small emergency grants for the purposes of legal fees, relocation assistance, and digital security devices.

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