Declaration of the Ivorian Coalition of Human Rights Defenders (CIDDH)

This article was first published by CIDDH

The CIDDH concerned aggression unionists in Bouaké and the arrest of the Defender of Human Rights, OZOUKOU Aristide, in Divo
Ivorian Coalition of Human Rights Defenders (CIDDH) was seized on Friday 15 February 2019 the death threat allegedly inflicted unionists Bouake.

A few days later, CIDDH learned the destruction of the rolling stock and aggression Members of two groups of unions education sector training case the COSEFCI (Coalition of the Education Sector Ivory Coast Training) and The ISEFCI (Inter National Education Sector Ivory Coast Training), le lundi 25 February 2019 while the latter were at the conciliation.
While members of these unions were organizing a meeting, individuals unidentified and hood on a vehicle type 4*4 arrived and set fire the parked motorbikes.
The finding reported numerous material damage which 11 burnt motorcycles and 4 other carried away, the persecuted trade unionists 05 wounded, anything that constitutes a curb freedom of assembly and association.

The CIDDH also learned of the arrest of Mr. Aristide OZOUKOU, student in Law and Secretary General of the Coordination of Students and Pupils of Côte d’Ivoire (COEE CI) by armed men in balaclavas and Saturday 09 February 2019 the small Bada area of ​​market Divo. The arrest followed the publication on his Facebook page a post asking pupils and students to stay at home after the teachers’ strike.
Finally, After several days of research by the CIDDH, OZOUKOU Mr. Aristide was returned to the Detention Center and Correction of Abidjan (MACA).

Thursday 28 February 2019, the CIDDH was informed of threats by SMS that unionists / Teachers have received from an official of the Regional Directorate of Education Divo.
The CIDDH remains concerned by the attacks of trade unionists for exercising their right and calls on the state to respect freedom of association as recognized by the constitution of 08 November 2016 in article 17 alinéa 1 which states that “The right to organize and right to strike are recognized to private sector workers and officials Public Administration. “And Article 20 which states that “the freedoms Association, of peaceful assembly and demonstration are guaranteed by law. »

In accordance with the article 3 of Law No. 2014-388 of 20 June 2014 on the promotion and Protection of Human Rights Defenders which states that : “Defenders Human rights freely exercise their promotional activities, defense and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms throughout the national territory…. ». paragraphs 1 and 4 This article entitle the Defenders of Human Rights to meet and assemble peacefully, of publish, to communicate and to freely disseminate ideas and information about rights rights and fundamental freedoms.

The CIDDH while condemning firmly the acts of aggression and arrest the location of the Defenders of Human Rights calls on government authorities:

  1. Conduct an investigation to determine responsibility in the attacks against the Union leaders in Bouaké
  2. Take urgent steps to strengthen union leaders in safety general and in particular in Bouaké.
  3. Unconditionally release,  Aristide OZOUKOU, detained in the Detention Center and Correction of Abidjan(MACA)
  4. Ensure the effectiveness of the provisions of Law No.2014-388 of 20 June 2014 wearing Promotion and Protection of Defenders of Human Rights over the whole national territory Done in Abidjan, the 2 Mars 2019The Coordinating Bureau CIDDH