Communiqué on the Detention of Human Rights Defenders in Tunisia

Civil society organizations are deeply troubled by the rise of racist narratives targeting foreigners in Tunisia, particularly sub-Saharan migrants. Recent events, including the detention of respected human rights activist Sherifa Riahi and others associated with Terre d’Asile, signal a troubling trend of intimidation against those providing aid to migrants. President Kais Saeid’s statements further exacerbate the situation, with accusations of treason against organizations receiving foreign funding and xenophobic remarks about sub-Saharan migrants. This environment of hostility not only threatens human rights defenders but also perpetuates false narratives and undermines efforts to address the migrant crisis. Civil society organizations unequivocally condemn these actions and demand the immediate release of detained activists. They call for collaborative efforts between authorities and civil society to find humane solutions to the crisis while respecting Tunisian pride and history.



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