Call for consultancy: Conducting needs assessments of sub-regional networks of AfricanDefenders

This call is also available in French

AfricanDefenders and CRD are seeking four consultants, who are resident in the respective host countries of  AfricanDefenders’ networks or have proven knowledge of the countries covered by the research, to conduct in-depth assessments of: the Southern Africa Human Rights Defenders Network, the West Africa Human Rights Defenders Network, the Tunisian League for Human Rights and the Central Africa Human Rights Defenders Network. 

AfricanDefenders and CRD are specifically seeking applications from specialists with experience in organisational structural needs analysis. The consultants will be expected to show proven records and evidence of relevant qualifications/experience and to submit a technical and financial proposal alongside their application. 

The assessments will be based on desk research and interviews with staff of the sub-regional networks, board members, HRDs who have received support from the sub-regional networks and other actors working closely with the work of the sub-regional networks. The consultancies will be supervised by AfricanDefenders and CRD.