East and Horn of Africa Shield Award 2013

Livingstone Sewanyana


Livingstone Sewanyana was awarded the East African Shield Award 2013 for his work with the Foundation for Human Rights Initiatives (FHRI) in Uganda, which he founded in 1991.

FHRI seeks to remove impediments to democratic development and meaningful enjoyment of the fundamental freedoms enshrined in the 1995 Uganda Constitution and other internationally recognised human rights instruments through enhancement of knowledge, respect and observance of human rights; and promotion of exchange of information and best practices through training, education, research, legislative advocacy and strategic partnerships in Uganda. FHRI addresses the entire range of human rights: civil and political as well as economic, social and cultural rights as defined in international human rights covenants.

Every person, whether you are woman, a man, a prisoner, an orphan – you must be free

Livingstone Sewanyana